Real Estate Agents


Propertunity works with real estate agents that are fully aware of the situation of the local markets in all its aspects. So how about a possible interested buyer thousands of miles away? In this case Propertunity connects with the appropriate agent in the country of the buyer which knows everything there to support and guide any buyer through the process of initializing a possible deal. Then this potential buyer will be forwarded to the selling agent and they can follow up the procedure and give the potential buyer the best advise based on their requirements. The potential buyer will be guided through a smooth process to finalize the possible purchase. Propertunity guarantees and safeguard the quick and complete communication between the real estate agent, the buyer and the seller.

Propertunity creates in this way a much bigger market place for any real estate agent. The real estate agent still works on their own terms as usual but simply increases the reach through the Propertunity world wide network. Any possible buyer will be well informed and ready to buy before they will be in contact with the seller. Vice versa the seller can provide the additional requirements to the potential buyer. This is for example the inspection of the property, but also assist with regards to the local legislation and financial matters.

More business through a foreign partner. This is the strength of Propertunity. Most important is that by using the world wide network of Propertunity one has access to markets which are normally difficult to access: Synergy.

We support to conduct business in a professional way and always ask to draw up a contract with terms and conditions as agreed between parties.

If all is accepted and signed we always make sure the properties are exposed through the world wide network of Propertunity. We always discuss with the seller or agent which markets are best to target for a specific property.

Please contact us if you want to sell your properties through our world wide network.

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