Propertunity has a lot of off-market deals on offer. Some owners do not want anybody to know their property is for sale for numerous reasons. Propertunity has a world wide network with many agents, developers, investors and private owners. Because of this Propertunity can mostly find a good match for the specific property anywhere in the world. Propertunity has for example a lot of off-market deals in the United Kingdom, USA, Philippines, Europe and actually anywhere where attractive investment opportunities are available. We try avoid to work on deals that are too long on the market and we only work with reliable partners who supply genuine off-market deals. Propertunity always demands utmost discretion and only works with partners that we know or at the minimum who are introduced through one of our business partners. These properties will only be promoted by individual direct contact. Of course all properties will be handled as agreed upon with the supplier. Propertunity respects all terms agreed upon. Usually a non circumvention non disclosure agreement (NCNDA) including proof of finance (POF) has to be supplied by the potential buyer’s lawyer before full disclosure of the property.

Please contact us if you want to sell your property through our world wide network.

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