Propertunity always searches for high quality well established developers. It does not matter in which country the development is situated. Most important is to collaborate with reliable property developers. A good track record is required and preferably the construction of the development will be carried out with sustainable and high quality materials. Above all there should be a professional team in place which provides professional guidance in every aspect of the construction and purchase process for the potential buyers. Propertunity seeks developments on prime locations with good perspective for capital gains and no hassle investments. Well designed architecture which creates properties any buyer would be proud of owning. Propertunity prefers the developments close to an airport or port but without having any negative influences from it. Also the development should provide in any of the future owners wishes such as being close to facilities such as entertainment, relaxation, nature and all the things needed to live an easy live without to much traveling. After sales is very important for Propertunity. One can think of assistance on how to decorate the property, how to manage a property, how about any resale possibilities, etc.

Propertunity prefers to be involved in an early stage of the planning of a development. Propertunity can share the experience as a developer to help creating the best possible construction of a development. For example this means a property should always be built taking into account the rental possibilities but also the possibility for future sales both for investment and residential property. But important issues are also the composition and quality of furniture packages, the landscaping, the finance packages, rental schemes, etc.

Propertunity can assist in the resale of any property when a healthy management is in place and the property has been maintained well.

Propertunity works with a world wide network with agencies which help selling the development so a much bigger market can be targeted. Propertunity always have to share any commission with the real estate agent in the network.

Propertunity asks developers to provide a full sales information kit. The requirements can be supplied in direct contact.

Propertunity can assist with the sales of many types of developments such as new built developments, renovation projects, islands, building plots, etc.

If possible Propertunity wants to be supplied with project information without details of the developer developer mentioned on it (white label), but even better with the information of the selling agents mentioned on it at a later stage at the request of the selling agent. We establish the good communication between a developer and an agent to increase the selling potential which of course is key. Together we are stronger and sell more: Synergy.

Propertunity normally shares the commission with any agent equally. Of course alternative arrangements can be made depending a particular situation.

Please contact us if you want to sell your development through our world wide network.

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