About us

About us

Welcome to the website of Propertunity Real Estate!

Propertunity is an internationally operating real estate company that specializes in high market properties and solid investments on prime locations.

It’s owner, Martin Sint has been project developer and is a licensed real estate agent. Since 1998 he has build up many businesses in Europe such as over 25 project developments in France, construction companies, rental companies and various sales offices spread around in Europe. The sales offices have been among others situated in Amsterdam, London, Dublin, Antwerp and various cities in France. He was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and has over 20 years experience in the real estate branch. He speaks and writes Dutch, French, English and German fluently and speaks a little Thai, Issan and Spanish.

He had built up from zero an international multi million project development and investment company in Europe which was the largest at that time. It was unique in its advanced and complete approach of the whole chain from searching the best locations, to developing projects such as commercial centers, holiday resorts, villa quarters, residential property, but also ski resorts, renovation developments and hotels. Then selling these properties, arrange the management and rentals and eventually resell these for the investors. As one might understand this has brought a complete and extensive understanding on how the real estate market works.

The aim of Propertunity is to be an interactive property hub between reliable and well established developers world wide and professional real estate agents world wide. With this network the best markets to sell a certain property or investment can be targeted this way. This means local knowledge for the potential buyers at the agents as well as a high level of professionalism from the developers with regards to the development as to the guidance of buyers towards finalizing the sale.

Propertunity has a network of world-wide international property agents. At the moment Propertunity is focusing on the Russian, Chinese, Hong Kong and European markets, but actually any serious partner in any country is very welcome. We are always expanding the network with reliable and serious agents and we are always in search of nice new-built developments with high ROI and professional management in place. Aside from this type of property we also focus on the most luxury individual properties such as ocean front pool villas, but also exclusive properties such as exotic islands, hotels, casinos, golf courses, etc.

With an extensive world wide network of agents and developers Propertunity is truly providing the best property opportunities to all involved parties as the world property hub!

Martin Sint

Martin Sint



Property has access to the most exclusive business hotels in the commercial centre of many capitol cities world wide.